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Saves you valuable time but also ensures the well-being of your livestock.

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Our windbreak is specifically designed for one-person setup.

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69-ft of wind and weather protection!

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A quick and easy setup windbreak/feeder.

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Protect your herd with the best portable windbreaks available.

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Quickly move from cornstock fields to winter pastures.

Portable Windbreaks for Sale

Portable Cattle Windbreaks for Sale in Nebraska

Open Range Windbreaks: Protect Your Cattle with Ease

At Open Range Windbreaks, we take pride in presenting our innovative portable windbreak, meticulously designed and manufactured by Garrett Dwyer. This exceptional solution is tailored to meet the needs of livestock operations, offering unparalleled convenience and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Key Features of the Open Range Windbreak:

Portability: Our windbreak is specifically designed for one-person setup, ensuring ease of movement and setup. It's built on a 24-foot trailer, making it highly mobile and adaptable to various locations on your farm.

Expansive Coverage: With two wings that open up, you get a remarkable 69 feet of protection. This substantial coverage guarantees that your cattle have ample shelter against snow loads and high winds.

Feeder Stalls for Convenience: Inside the windbreak, you'll find three different stalls. These stalls are perfect for holding three bales of hay, which can be loaded using either your bale-bed truck or loader tractor.

Secure Anchoring: Garrett demonstrates in the video how to securely anchor the windbreak. By ratcheting the legs on both wings, you can ensure a rock-solid setup, and this stability is further enhanced by the teeth sinking into the ground when pressure is released on the jack.

Convenient Design: The trailer is equipped with essential features like lights, brakes, 14-ply tires, and frames made from 3x3 by 3/16 tubing. The doors open flush, allowing easy access for your bale-bed truck or loader tractor.

Efficient Feeding: The slanted floor design ensures that when you drop your bale, it rolls to the side where cattle can easily access it. This feature streamlines feeding and reduces labor.

Easy Transport: The windbreak is mounted on a gooseneck, designed for effortless transportation. It's equipped with 2-12 thousand pound jacks and provides storage space for ratchet straps, ensuring everything you need is on hand.

All-In-One Package: The dollies at the end of your wings stay with the windbreak, making it a complete and hassle-free package. Nothing comes off during transport or setup.

By choosing Open Range Windbreaks, you are investing in a portable windbreak that saves you valuable time and ensures the well-being of your livestock. With the ability to swiftly move from corn stock fields to winter pastures, this windbreak is a game-changer for any cattle operation.

Don't let unpredictable weather affect your livestock's safety. Trust in Open Range Windbreaks to provide protection against high winds and ensure your livestock's comfort and safety in any weather condition.

Contact Garrett at Open Range Windbreaks and protect your herd with the best portable windbreaks available.

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